Singleplayer Gun-Fu FPS. Powered by Unreal 4.

IndieDB Top 100 2017, 2018 and 2019.

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The Team

(Listed by join date)


Lead Developer. Came up with the placeholder name "Trepang" in his first game jam, kept using it for unnamed projects since then. Has an unhealthy obsession with gibbing ragdolls.


Voice Actor. All his death screams are performed with genuine fear and peril. Oh and he likes to write.


Animations and tech art. Jajangmyeon is a staple of his diet.

Brandon M.

Level Designer and Composer. Anything Kopter orders is a staple of his diet.

Special Thanks To

Contractors and other external contributors

Jackes Tabach, 3D Artist
Timur Khamidullin, Weapon Artist
Bovin Phann, Voice Actor